IPE Academy becomes Show Supporter

We are very happy to announce that IPE Academy is now an official Supporter of our upcoming production, Aesop’s Fables.

IPE Academy is unique amongst language schools in Nagoya. They provide instruction for both English and Japanese learners, but what sets them apart is their Art & Music based curriculum. IPE offers special programs for children to develop their language abilities alongside their creative.

Nagoya Players and IPE share many core values. We believe in the importance of arts education and finding ways to combine that with language development. They are the perfect partner for Nagoya Players’ English Education Initiative (EEI) and we look forward to working together with them.

Our first project will be the Study Aesop program. IPE will be hosting Aesop Storytime events in the lead up to the show. These workshops are great for young learners and will teach them a lot of useful vocabulary and phrasing before they see the show!

IPE Academy is a locally owned business in Imaike and has been helping students achieve their language goals since 1980.

For more information on IPE Academy please visit their website:

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